Make data easier to understand to the user

Create Meaninful, Desirable & Usable Visualizations

Meaningful: People use it on a regular basis and can make relevant decisions by displaying an easy to read view. 

Desirable: It is not only easy to use but also pleasant to use.

Usable: People can use them to achieve their goals and easily and quickly.

How can we help you?

The five steps of Data Analysis Process:


We are eager to help project owners and stakeholders envision the possibilities for their facilities and communities. Creating graphic and interactive visualizations from words and ideas, making concepts and options clearer.


Have all your data accessible, allowing you to filter, explore, and mine your data for instant answers to your most important questions. Integrate R functions for better predictive analytics.​


The most effective way to get people to want what you offer, is to encourage them to Visualize how their lives would be if they accept it. The best way to help your customers visualize is to expose them to as much sensory information as possible. The goal of Visualization is to guide the customer to stop comparing and start wanting.

Social Media

Facilitate the creation or sharing of information, ideas, career interests, and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. Creating Visualization solutions that are accessible from a variety of platforms.


Sell on multiple sales channels, like Facebook or eBay, and manage your store from one integrated dashboard. From store orders to payment, shipping, fulfillment, marketing, and more. Sharing data and tips that help you take control and shape our world’s future.

Help & Support

Our dedicated Team works round the clock to delight our customer base and ensure each customer’s journey from onboarding to live dashboards is seamless.


Know what message you are trying to communicate before you get down into the details. 

Here is a sample of our top data visualization projects 

The COVID-19 Tracker for the American Continent provides user awareness, allows comparison, and highlights the current state of the Pandemic.

The Stocks Market Cap. Treemap categorized by sectors helps the traders make an investment decision on securities of companies that have a robust Market Capitalization as one of their strong Financial Indicators.

 The Price Variability Bar Chart assists traders on selecting a security for investment, by showing the stocks historical volatility to help them determine the relative risk of a potential trade.

The Financial Performance Bar Chart compares the key financial indicators of the companies in the market, providing insight for the traders on picking a security for investment and supports comparative analysis to assist them decide their investment holdings.

The Multivariate Whiskey Flavor Four Axis Radar Chart lets you discover Scotland’s five whisky regions, learn all  the characteristics about the flavor of their national drink and aid you as your essential guide to visiting Scotland’s distilleries to try a taster along the way. 

The Visual Network Map show the main players involved, the connections between them, as well as revealing some interesting insights about the structure of the system. Assisting the stakeholders into visualize efficiencies across Geographies, and illustrate the complexity of relations between the different elements involved.

With multiple platforms to choose from, VisDataWizards can create a more custom-tailored solution for customers.

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Collect, process, analyse and present data – from supporting every day business decisions to fuelling global change for our customers.

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